Hello, and a big welcome to Nicola's driving school!

Thank you for choosing Nicola’s Driving School. I am confident I will be able to help you with all your driving needs. There are several reasons why I consider myself to be a good driving instructor. Firstly, I am calm, relaxed and have a positive approach to teaching. Also, I have a green badge, meaning I am a fully qualified instructor. If an instructor has a pink badge they are only a trainee. You may not be aware of this though as they do not have to disclose this information unless asked, but can still charge full price’s for driving lessons. I am sure you do not want to be taught by someone who hasn’t passed their final exam to teach!

Another thing I will do is let you drive!! This may sound crazy, but lots of instructors don’t! Usually those who are cheaper, or do ridiculously cheap offers, may spend 20 minutes of each lesson parked up doing theory. After all, they have to keep their petrol costs down some how after charging you a low amount for the lesson. With me, you will drive for the whole hour. The final and most important reason why you have made the right decision choosing me is I have an excellent pass rate. Here is what one of my pupils Tracey had to say,

“I failed my driving test 12 times with other instructors and was on the verge of giving up. Then a friend recommended Nicola. After 2 months of lessons, I passed first time! I wish I’d found Nicola first, I would have saved a fortune”

You can see a picture of Tracey outside the test centre with her certificate, along with all my other passers on my facebook page. Please click the link to view, and you will find more testimonials and comments from other passers. So, if you would like to book in, please get in touch. Text, email or facebook for a call back or just give me a ring yourself. If I am teaching I will be unable to answer, but if you leave a message I will ring you back. And remember, its quality of instruction that works out cheaper and safer in the long run.

Nicola’s driving school; Where the learners of today, become the accomplished drivers of tomorrow!

Now instructing 15 and 16 year olds!

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